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Thank you for your interest in hosting shows on TORi.

Requirements to be a host:
    1. You must speak good (if not perfect) Telugu with good diction.
    2. Good voice (which can't be taught) with proper modulation (which can be learned).
    3. You are expected to have some knowledge of Telugu music - light music, classical music etc.
    4. Be polite and respectful to the callers.
    5. Have good conversational skills.
    6. Have an ability to think and act on the feet - i.e. be spontaneous.
    7. Avoid controversial topics.
    8. You can live anywhere in the world, but you must have a good internet connection with 256 kbps upload speed and a good quality microphone/headset.
    9. Good knowledge of world's geography is a plus.
How it works:
    1. You will be required to send some audition bits (see below for audition information).
    2. One of the TORi staff will contact you with an assessment of the audition bits.
    3. If your voice, language and diction are good - you are eligible for our PANEL.
    4. If your conversational skills are compatible with TORi live show requirements, you may be asked to co-host a live show with one of the current anchors for a couple of shows. If things work out, you may then be asked to host a show alone.
How to prepare audition bits:
    1. List out some songs you like.
    2. Write down commentary on these songs which explain why you like the songs. Or, if you prefer, if you know the background information about that song, write it down
    3. Using a good quality microphone, record your commentary as an mp3 file (64 bps or more) and save it file name format shown (you can get an excellent headset with microphone for $30 - Plantronics brand is one of the best)
    4. Send these recorded files to
    5. Please don't forget to include your contact info - especially Phone no.