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Host                                     : Venkat Gotur

TORi Show(s)                     : చిన్న ప్రపంచం 

Zodiac                                 : Leo

Occupation                         : Systems Architect 

Location                              : Detroit, United States

Education                            : Mechanical Engineer

Talents                                : Singing.

Passion                               : Music, Telugu language, Hindu Culture 

Other hobbies/Interests  
: Singing, Books, Tennis, Movies

Likes/turn-ons                   : Light Music, Classical Music, Humor,  Pravachanams my Sri Chaganti

Dislikes/turn-offs              : Smoking,Drinking, Corrupt Politicians

Favorite quotes                 : Worry is the dividend paid to disaster before it is due

Favorite Books                  : Pothana Bhagavatham, World is Flat, Malladi novels 
About me:                           : Married with 2 children. Peace loving. Hate corruption.