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Jul 17 2016 Neelimeghalalo
Jul 03 2016 Neelimeghalalo
Jun 26 2016 Neelimeghalalo
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Host                                      : Neelima Reddy Alla
TORi Show(s)                      : Neelimeghalalo
Zodiac                                   : Typical Arian
Occupation                           : Software Professional, TORI RJ
Location                                : Hyderabad
Quote of the Day                  : Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared and Humble when you are victorious.
Personality type                    : Always in Josh, Bindaas
Favorite Book                         : The Secret
RJ-ing style                             : Laugh and make other laugh, can do any type.
Sports                                       :Swimming.
Passion                                    : Passionate about my dream to acheive.
Dislikess                                  : Which i dont like...
Fashion                                     : Follows as per trend. 
Likes                                         : Friends, adventures, Facebook
I enjoy                                       : Travel and success
Talents                                      : Ready to take any challenge
About:                                        : I am an Optimist with lots of enthusiasm and high energy. I glow and fervent about everything whatever i get in my hand. Positive attitude,fiery, Intelligent and Sparkling Personality. Miracles Have a way of happening to those who believe in them, I certainly believe :-).