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Mar 02 2019 Hrudayanjali
Feb 23 2019 Hrudayanjali
Feb 16 2019 Hrudayanjali  ( Ch.Mallesam ) 
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Host                                      : Jayasree
TORi Show(s)                      : Hrudayanjali
Zodiac                                   : Pisces
Occupation                           : Teaching
Location                                : Corning, New York.
Education                              : Masters of education.
Talents                                   : Talking , Talking and more talking apart from writing (shayari) and teaching
Passion                                   : Reading , music and working out
Likes/turn-ons                       : Beautiful Lyrics..veturi and Gulzar type….flowers…little children and Amma chethi vanta.
Dislikes/turn-offs                   : Self-centeredness and laziness
Favorite quotes                      : “Pattudhala unte pattu komma dorukuthundhi” “Where there is a will there is a way”   
Favorite books/authors        : Wings Of fire by Dr.Abdul Kalam, Andamaina Jeevitham by Malladhi venkata Krishna Murthy
About me:                                : Witty to the core…..friendly but cautious…caring …passionate about work…serious about targets and dead lines…like to unwind with coffee and an interesting book…love cricket and flying kites…and like I said…muchatlu…thega muchtlu ada galanu replica watches