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Mar 20 2019 Kaburlatho Kasepu
Mar 13 2019 Kaburlatho Kasepu
Mar 07 2019 Kaburlatho Kasepu
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Host                                      : Dittakavi
TORi Show(s)                      : Kaburlatho Kasepu (Every Wednesday 8 PM EST)
Zodiac                                   : Leo
Occupation                           : Software Architect
Location                                : Chicago, USA
Education                              : M.S, MBA
Talents                                  : Writer, Actor, Director,Anchor, Teacher, Mentor, President (2011),
                                                 Telugu Association of Greater Chicago 
Passion                                 : Art, Culture, Comedy,Humanitarian Service.
Likes/turn-ons                     : Societal gatherings, Charity events, Entertainment shows,Travel,
                                                Keep on talking.
Dislikes/turn-offs                : Pessimism, Hypocrisy.
Favorite quotes                   : 1) Nothing is “Impossible” in this world, as the word “Impossible”                                                                 itself can be understood as “I M POSSIBLE”                                                  
                                               2) Never lose faith in yourself; you can do anything in universe.

                                               3) A man is great by deeds, not by birth.