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Jul 17 2016 Saradaga Kasepu
Jul 01 2016 Saradaga Kasepu
Jun 24 2016 Saradaga Kasepu
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Host                                      : Nandu
TORi Show(s)                      : Saradaga Kasepu (Sunday 6 am to 8 am (IST))
Zodiac                                   : Sagittarian
Occupation                           : Business Analyst
Location                                : Los Angeles, California.
Education                              :M.S
Talents                                   : Thinking, Movie script writing, Direction, Sleeping
Passion                                   :Music, Movies, Electronics, Cultures, Languages, History
Likes/turn-ons      : Good Music, Electronics, Humor.
Dislikes/turn-offs                   : Depends but mostly unprofessional behaviour.
Favorite quotes                      :Change is the law of life
Favorite Books                      :Not particular
About me:                                : Energy, explore & enjoy are the key words that drives me in everyday life. Also, I am a firm believer
that there are lots of things to learn in this world and we know very little. Love to analyze
patterns, explore new thing, places and look in a different perspective. Apart from that, there is always music that
makes me feel relaxed. Last but not least, I love to talk to people and share the smiles with them.
So, talk to me to know about me & have fun.