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Mar 20 2019 Asala Harivillu
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Host                                     : Srilakshmi Kulkarni

TORi Show(s)                      : Chinna Prapancham

Zodiac                                  : Virgo

Occupation                          : Right now.. taking care of MY CHINNA PRAPANCHAM 

Location                               : Harrisburg, PA.

Education                            : M.B.A

Talents                                 : According to others(hate to boast abt myself hehe)
                                              " singing, cooking and loving"

Passion                               : Music and Dance

Likes/turn-ons                    : Melodious Music, beautiful hearted people with good sense of humour, 

                                             modesty, samudra teeralu, varsham... hmmm and actually many more

                                             likes....i love to like a lot of things.

Dislikes/turn-offs               : Being Loud and Boastful

Favorite quotes                  : Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own  

                                             sunshine. ~Anthony J. D\\\'Angelo, The College Blue Book 

Favorite books/authors    : No time for serious reading now...just into magazines for     

                                           good house keeping, health, Red book etc

About me :
mmmm...Em chappali..rendu lines lo imidipoyee character kadayeee manadi...hmmmmm " I am a pot full of emotions with all colors of life"...offffoooo Indradhanush la build up icchana??? call cheyyandi meeke telustundi