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Mar 22 2019 Patala Pallaki
Mar 08 2019 Patala Pallaki  ( Shafique Ur Rehman ) 
Mar 01 2019 Patala Pallaki
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Host                                      : Durga Dingari
TORi Show(s)                      : Patala Pallaki
Occupation                           : Freelance Writer.
Location                                : Devon, PA.
Education                              : M.A (Pol.Sci) & Diploma in Journalism.
Talents                                   : Reading all kinds of books, novels, both Telugu and English, Telugu Poetry by Dasarathi, Sri Sri, Arudra, Krishna Shastri, Veturi songs, Sirivennela’s thought provoking songs.
Passion                                   : Learn everyday about exciting things in life and write about them and also share them with my listeners of Patala Pallaki.
Secondary Passion                       : Beading, make jewelry, beaded wall hangings, beaded greeting cards etc. Knitting, Crochet etc..
Favorite quotes                   : If you are not in the process of learning you are mentally dead
Favorite books/authors        : Maxim Gorky’s “Mother,” “Janaki Vimukti,” by Ranganayakammagaru, Chalam writings
About me:                                :

My full name is Kanakadurga, I like to be called Durga. My dream was to become a great journalist and make little bit difference in anyone’s life. Due to health problems I couldn’t do what I wanted to do. I’m coming back slowly and writing articles to a website called Associated Content.

Being the niece of Dasarathi the great poet and Dasarathi Rangacharya, the great writer, naturally I got the interest for Telugu literature and poetry. I never dream to compare myself with them but I am grateful to them for passing on the fighting spirit.
I wrote short stories and published in Rachana and won a prize for a story too. I cannot write a story unless something really moves and makes me feel that I have to write about it.

Patala Pallaki helps to share my feelings, views and also my health problems. The listeners understood me without criticizing and I received response saying, ‘you have inspired us to move on.’Patala Pallaki made it possible to reach people just like I always wanted and if I can make my listeners think for a minute about different issues I talk sometimes then it’s worth it. I love doing this musical program and talk about the lyrics which I like it very much. I want to bring more and better quality programs to listeners.